Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lessons Learned x Loved Ones

So, Its been a rough couple of days for me, but god works in mysterious ways. It's times like these that I have to take the valuable lessons that Ive learned into account. The biggest lesson that I have learned is that when opportunity presents itself, you have to take advantage of it regardless of your fears, and what you will have to sacrifice. I have also learned that everything happens for a reason and that everyone that you meet comes into your life to teach you something regardless of whether you know them for a minute, or for a lifetime. It's hard when feelings get involved but in the end those who really care for you will stand by you, and will be a part of your life regardless. You just can't let opportunity pass you by because then you will live your life in regret.
With that being said, I am completely grateful for the people who surround me every day, because they keep me strong and grounded. I am happy to have them in my life and they are happy to have me in theirs, and that's a powerful thing. Its amazing to think that even when you are at your weakest, there is someone who gains strength from you. I was honored to read my friend Rachel's blog, who said that I was an inspiration to her. Rachel and I have the same sarcastic attitude when it comes to the general public and our outlook on life is very similar. It just goes to show that you can mean alot to someone and inspire them to do great things by simply just offering your friendship and being yourself around them. It's people like her that make everyday life fun and priceless.
Do yourself a favor and check out her blog it'll definately bring a smile on.

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