Friday, August 8, 2008

Wow. BabyMamaDrama at its Best:

So today I get up and do the morning usual. You know wake up, brush my teeth check my email, check the weather etc... etc...SO i log on to myspace and am greeted by this:

"EB Is a bum ass nigga running yo mouth to these bitches on myspace and aint worried about yo mutha fucking son Sorry ass nigga 14 minutes ago.

Mood: pissed off"

Wow. This is funny on so many levels. I'm really ALL SET with myspace. It has officially become a breeding ground for insanity. Apparently someone on my friends list (which is comprised of about 300 people that I really don't know and have never even spoken to....nor do i care to)has a distressed baby's mother (hate that term, but I have to use it where it applies) who broke into his account and put that up as his status....WOW. Now Ive seen my share of crazy myspace antics, but this is one of the few that takes the cake...We all know there's nothing worse than a deranged, childish baby mama in distress...

Really ladies??? Come on.....putting your business on myspace for the world to see is 1. NOT cool, and 2. Isn't gonna make your relationship any your pride cuz that's all your gonna have left in the end.

Sure, we have all been there...Im sure most women can say that they have checked up on their man from time to time....yea I'll admit that I did that when I was young and dumb...but in all reality, that shit's for the birds...If you don't have trust in a relationship, you DON'T HAVE a relationship. Furthermore, a man that requires checking up on and having to be marked as your territory was never really yours in the first place!!...SO PLEASE...PLEASE...spare us hardworking, career oriented, tax paying, creative minded individuals the gory details of your drama filled lives...

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