Saturday, October 4, 2008

I have green hair!

I told ya you were in for a love love my green highlights, just gotta touch 'em up again so they can get a little darker....I told you I was cutting it off! is so good...........................

Thanks steph at flaunt..this shit was a project!


Ramonita said...

Why green??????? You are crazy!!!!!
You didn't cut that much!!!!! The cut is nice. Don't like green.. lol

foxxxyboxxxy said...

ohhhh you had angela's steph do your hair? i didn't know that... i had sara fix my bleach disaster when i attempted to bleach chunks in my hair back in like.. march. lol. it was the first i had ever been to a hair salon.. and they are probably the only people i would go to because i love stephs hair lol.

they are pretty awesome at flaunt