Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Addicted to Bravo

A good chunk of my summer has been devoted to watching Bravo, not sure if that's a good thing but it sure is hell of a lot more constructive than watching I Love Money. I'll watch pretty much anything that comes on this channel with the exception of Shear Genius. I guess a hairstyling match just doesn't grab my attention. So long as people are not degrading themselves and making a public display of their lack of home training, I'll give it a shot.

A few of my favorites were Top Chef, and Flipping Out, but sadly they had to come to an end so now I have my two guilty pleasures, Project Runway and Date My Ex (as dramatic as it may be) to indulge in....speaking of which I really miss Workout!

My love for design was rekindled after a long summer and I was re-inspired by two amazing designs on Project Runway. It sure is making my patternmaking class this semester that much more appealing : ) Check em out!

Both of these designs were made of car parts, the kimono jacket is made of woven seatbelts and the black mini dress was made out of a car seat, this is what you call pure talent friends...something that I forget even exists these days.

And if you're not familiar with Date My Ex here's a clip....I don't care what anyone says we all need our weekly dosage of reality TV...after coming home from a long shift of mayhem, it feels good to be entertained for a little while.

I hope Jo and Slade get back together...maybe because I have a high level of loyalty and don't believe that one can really find love on a reality dating show, but hey that's just me. While we are on the subject isn't her friend Myia the cutest?

Love the blunt bangs, huge fan. Not everyone can pull them off so she gets extra style points.

While we are on the topic of hair...What is up with dude's hair from Million Dollar Listing? Call me a cynic but I just can't take a grown man rocking an overpriced bowl cut seriously...I don't care how many six figure homes he's sold...Not a good look!

It's bittersweet that my summer of boredom has come to an end, I'll barely have any time to watch Bravo, but I will get to watch my savings grow as I'm working and in school full time, and my classes will have my creative juices flowing again. Savings+Creativity= Recipe for Success in NYC : )

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foxxxyboxxxy said...

oh by the way.... i love that black car seat mini dress!