Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sneaker Junkies 1 Year Anniversary Party

Here are some pics from the Sneaker Junkies 1 year anniversary party on Saturday, I finally got my hands on them. If you missed it too bad for you ; )

Meet Maher on the right, he's one of the owners:

The party was sponsored by Vapors Magazine (who featured my buddy Donnis in the latest issue) and Red Bull, too bad for me I despise Red Bull, because there was plenty to go around.

2 DJ's:

1 Imposter:

Some girl Jasmine that I go to school with, I didn't even see her there:

Me wearing my cut off shorts that I made that day, and my girl Aniz

And finally my favorite picture of all:

: )

1 comment:

Sneaker Junkies said...

that shit was hot!!!! i got drunk off of redbulls...