Monday, July 14, 2008


It's funny how it takes a near tragedy to make people realize things and people still don't get it. It's times like this that I realize just how fucked up people's logic is. When will people realize that violence just breeds more violence and refusing to shed your hoodrat mentality only complicates things and makes things worse. I just see that some people around me need to wake up and worry about applying and bettering themselves rather then spending their lives trying to fit a certain image and worrying about what the next person is doing and what the next person thinks of them. It's also funny to see how a person's environment can change them. Take a look at a few people you know. Look at who they are now versus who they used to be, whatever happened to staying true to ourselves, and not idolizing people who are so negative? Maybe I'm just living in my own world and have a different way of thinking than everyone else because I seem to bump heads with alot of people on this subject, but if that's the case then I'll take living in my world over living in theirs anyday. In my world I live my life for me, I dont live my life for other people to form opinions of me and not all people can say that. They might think they can, but they can't. This might all seem random because it's not like my usual posts, but trust me there's a method to my madness. I'm done.

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