Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am NOT a deadbeat blogger!!

Hi everyone I am just writing to let you know that I am still alive and no I have not forgotten about my blog!!! The sad news is that my laptop is BROKEN and me being the nerd that I am, you know that I am very very sad :(
BUT the GREAT news is that it's being fixed so all is good in Crystal Land, and guess what?! its THROWBACK THIURSDAY so lets get back to business!! Oh yea and before I begin I have to show some gratitude to my cousin Sharon for letting me use her laptop today :)

So as you know thursdays are dedicated to all things old school whether it be music, clothes or just random shit like this:


Yikes!!! I almost fell over when i found this!!!! Talk about memories! If you didnt chew this gum you are practically a nobody in my its time for you to go back to the eighties and step your game up! In short, this gum was the shit becuz not only was it yummy but it came with a whether or not I was old enough to read it is questionable, but believe me when I say that candy is not what it used to be..but then again nothing is anymore

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