Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dedicated to my friend Mikey M....THE LAMBADA

This post is dedicated to MIKE MONTEIRO who was soooooooo disappointed with my last blog sorry mike!
But anyways, I chose this for him becuz its THE SHIT and I know he would truly appreciate the lambada more than anyone else, besides me.

Just some background information: Anybody who's anybody knows that this song/dance was VERY popular in the late eighties, 1989 to be exact. If you didnt like it/know it you should be put to shame, and you will be. The lambada is a dance that originated in Brazil but Cape Verdean people seemed to have developed a strong liking to it (self included). The short lived Lambada craze got so big that they even made a movie about it, The Forbidden Dance! The moral of the story was that if you want to save the rainforest you have to dance the lambada (duh). This dance is serious and has a cause! Think about that the next time you're doing the 2-step!

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