Monday, May 19, 2008

Sneaker Junkies

Normally I don't like to put people on but I've become less selfish in my ways over the past few months. You need to check out Sneaker Junkies located on Weybosset Street in Providence. Because I'm doing you a favor by putting on, you better stop in. Their stuff is pretty hot and you're definately not gonna find anything else like it around. Not to mention the owner's really sexy : ) (Ladies...I will cut you!)...SO....If i hear that you're ever in the area and DONT stop in...Im gonna have to ex-communicate you, and we wouldn't want that.

Here are a few of my favorite things, and girls if you love your man you wouldn't deprive him of these:

or these.....

Ladies, The Claw Money shades are calling your name..

So if you're ever in the area tell them Crystal sent you!
Or visit their website:

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Sneaker Junkies said...

ahhhhh shitttt!!!! real talk!!!