Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Listen up.

So I've been pretty good with keeping up my blog postings these days. Am I Right?

Thing is, I think my blog needs a makeover, I thrive on change so it would be appropriate.

I don't know when I'm actually going to do this. Maybe now, or maybe I'll reserve it for when some type of change in my life occurs, i.e. finishing school or relocating.

So, in the meantime I'll be thinking of ways to re-vamp my site, maybe a new image, or picture or something, and probably a new title.

Until then, any ideas? Rachel and Kevin, I'm especially talking to you : )


Kevin said...

Color is the main thing I was mentioning. Your blog is geared towards Fashion....so look at all of the fashion sites you check out that are blogs. What do they have in common? Out of all the blogs (mostly photography and some fashion) I look at...most have the white grey thing going on...which is why I switched mine to the same thing. I did this because it brings out my photos more and it is more legible. Another thing I would mention to look into is a logo or a tag line of some sort. So that where ever your work or name shows up...the logo or tag line follow.

Another way of getting more traffic to your site is visit other blogs and ad a comment...do not strain yourself with it..but something even as simple as " i like this because...." I have gone to many people's sites by clicking on their name in the comment section which linked to their site.

Hope this helps.


foxxxyboxxxy said...

i dont even know.

ive been so bad with updating mine =\ lol. been so busy coming up with crafty things to make now for the wedding in 2010... i'll have to post some of these ideas up i suppose.

heres an idea.. along with kevins color idea: maybe change your blog colors to reflect the season kinda liek in fashion.. or new fashion color trends of the season.. but i dunno. haha