Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So sorry but I had to do it. Those acronym things that people use to communicate the fact that they are in hysterics from laughing so much amuse me because they're so stupid. But anyway..my friend rachel cracks me up, I find myself reading her blog entries repeatedly cuz she has such a way with words.

Here are a few quotes from my fluffy little ball of sarcasm that I love so much <3 :

"i'm rachel. i'm pretty awesome. i'm orignally from california. i've settled in rhode island after going to school here. the simple things in life amuse me. stupid little things annoy the hell outta me as well. i have a tendency to think most of the general population is made up of idiots... and i usually stand by that. i hate people. but at the same time, i love them sooooooo much. i'm kind of oxy-moronic."

"not an expert on politics. i hate politics. i have never had an interest in politics really. the last election i think i was excited for was clinton vs bush back when i was in 2nd grade i think. and i was all about clinton and his saxophone and his cat named socks"

".....'oh yes, i see what you're saying...' blah blah blah youre an idiot lady."

Rachel you need to blog more...I need your sarcasm in my life.

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