Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today I discovered my favorite artist...

I was reading The Cool Hunter newsletter today and they featured an artist Gary Fernandez. I fell in love. His work is so unique and completely up my alley. It's crazy how one person's work can fit your taste exactly. Fernandez is a graphic artist and freelance illustrator from Madrid. I was kind of surprised that he was born in 1980, his work is so elaborate and detailed it seems as though it belongs to someone who took decades to perfect their craft. Most of his work includes black and white drawings with splashes of color here and there, and contains so much detail. I really love how everything is so feminine and exotic looking..not to mention his hand writing is insane. If I ever make it big and develop my own company or product line I would love for him to create my logo, that may be a tough one considering he's done work for Coke and Camel cigarettes : (
Here's a taste of some of his amazing work, the first piece is my favorite:

This is all work that has been compiled in a book called "Introduction To Fantastic Girls, Future Landscapes and The Most Beautiful Birds Ever Seen". I have to pick it up one of these days.


Kevin said...

Hey Crystal,
How have you been? I see you have been keeping up on your blogging..which is a great thing. I am doing my site over and will hopefully actually be blogging more.

I did not see these sites on your just in case you did not know about them....

This is one of my favorite companies..

I hope all is going well for you.


ps...i added you on facebook.

E-Rich said...

I wish I could make stuff like that. One day. . . I will be. . . the greatest graphic artist in the world!