Sunday, August 17, 2008


I was so impressed with Miss Sixty's spring collection that I had to take a peak at their fall/winter collection. While I was browsing the website, I noticed the link Sixty Hotel. Yep you guessed it, The Sixty Group has opened its first hotel in Riccione Italy. Not only is it a 4 star hotel, it's a creative collaboration of 30 emerging artists. This is officially my dream hotel, it's the ultimate mix of fashion, contemporary art, and interior design. In addition to the hotel being amazing, there is even a Miss Sixty store connected to it. It took a pure creative genius to pull this concept off...

Hotel lobby

Artist Bartolomeo Migliore

Artist Nicola Gobbetto

Artist Fabrizio Rivola

Artist Kristine Alksne
Artist Alberto Murmura

Artist Stefano Mandracchia

Artist Ingrid Mourreau

Artist Jon Burgerman

And finally, my favorite room designed by the talented Marco Samore

Visiting this hotel is definately on my list of things to do before I die. I'm scared to inquire about the price, but the experience will definately be worth it. They even offer a welcome drink upon arrival, that'll help calm my nerves about the bill ; )


KDN said...

I love the room from jon burgerman, I new it was yellow and twards the end, i love the mural all the way up to the ceiling as you walk through the door. Don't forget to take me when you go :)

Crystal said...

Yea that's one of my favorites as well...the doorway is what attracted me to the room, I'll be sure to bring you with me, no one could appreciate it more than you : )