Thursday, July 3, 2008

what to wear...what to wear!!

I know its been a while since my last post...believe me the past few weeks have been crazy!! My laptop is finally fixed which is effing fantastic but in the meantime i have managed to break my phone, get a $600 dollar ticket and lose one of my favorite earrings >:(

But the good news is I'm back and am in the process of FINALLY buying a camera which will make my blog far more interesting. Not to mention I managed to make a trip out to NYC which was GREAT and long overdue, tanned myself to a crisp, and found myself a lovely pair of gucci stilettos on sale!!! It gets no better than that my friends. So, Im back for good now and will be posting everyday, the pics from nyc will be up shortly i promise and because im in such a good mood, I have something to share with you....

Her name is Melody Ehsani, and I stumbled across her website a few days ago. Her line of shoes and accessories is outrageous and I cant wait to get my hands on them! Here are my top 2 out of the collection:

Im really feelin the ones above, and here are my runners up:

And Finally......

I'd love to punch someone in the face with this ring!!

So now that I put you on, your gonna have to find this stuff on your own because i cant be doing all the work! BUT if you google Melody Ehsani I guarantee you will find it, and if you're too lazy to do that then you're not worthy of having such things anyways : )

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