Sunday, July 6, 2008


Here are a few pictures of my trip that I took to NYC last weekend with a few of my friends, it was the best trip ever! I want to go back sosososososo bad, I know that I will never find a city like nyc as long as I shall live.
I was joined by my friends Remy, Caro and Naia. as well as Remy's boyfriend Leo and his friends Guat and Hec. I couldn't ask for a better group, these guys know how to have fun!
When we arrived at about 1 AM, we checked into our hotel and met up with Lenny's brother on the lower east side, we basically went bar hopping from there and had a blast

Me lookin pretty : )

The two love birds above

Me and my pal Naia

My buddy Guat and I, he's pretty funny

Naia getting her lapdance and loving it, don't let her fool you

I dont know what this picture is of but it came out pretty cool:

The next afternoon we woke up starving so we went on a search for something to eat, this would be the day that I managed to eat everything in sight, and was sorry later because i could barely move...Earth to Crystal....I really shouldn't have eaten that gyro and 2 desserts because we had met up with the boys and were on our way to the BBQ Pit, I forget the real name of the place...
This place was the shit because they served Texas size Pina Coladas!! After the first one I downsized to a regular one and me being the half pint that I am you know I was feelin it, and that Corona from earlier certainly didnt help! Never in my life have I seen CORNBREAD disguised as birthday cake, and never again do I want to see that cuz it looked gross!

After the BBQ pit we headed to the bar next door, but I had enough by this time so I had fun at the jukebox, sent a few random text messages and talked to just about anyone who would listen

The ride back to the hotel was pretty funny...........................................

.................. Me and Caro takin a picture in front of the hotel, I hope we didnt think we looked cute!!

............................................and before I knew it I was eating again!! This place has the best guacamole I've ever had in my whole life AND:

A live mariachi?!?! WHAT?! It gets no better!!

I think my face got bigger in this picture from all the food I ate that day!

Yikes!!!! another birthday cake!! and it wasnt even anyone's birthday!

By the time we went out that night I was pretty exhausted with a stomach ache, and I just wanted to go to sleep, not to mention my shoes were pissin me off!! I tried to thug it out but New York wears me out!! I better step my game up if I plan on moving there!

From the looks of it I wasnt the only one who had had enough for one day.... : )

The next day we attempted to go to Soho but the streets were blocked off for the gay pride parade and then we got rained on!!!!! All in all it was a pretty fun day but I was sad that my trip had to come to an end...and now Im sad because I'm not in NYC and I miss my favorite city.....

...............But I will be back and one day soon and this time I won't have to come home : )

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