Wednesday, July 30, 2008

At the beach with Kendra....

Today I finally got to go to the beach with my girl Kendra...I've been siked about this all its over : (
....but it was a relaxing day so I won't complain about having to go back to work tommorrow, I had fun even though I got hit in the head with a frisbee, I received an apology, so it was all good.

When we got there we ate and enjoyed a few drinks, this one came in a shark glass, so cute:

Kendra laughing at something funny/stupid that I said:

After my little injury I decided to sit down and take pictures of some poor unsuspecting beach go-ers, if they only knew the whole world is looking at them in their bathing suits...sorry guys!

A sailboat that I wanted to ride on:
Back to work tomorrow : ( Crys-ie needs new shoes ; )

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