Monday, March 23, 2009

3 things I'm tired of hearing about...

Ok...we get it, she's crazy and deranged and all that other stuff. She wants to pop out 14 kids and procreate like a savage beast? Let her. There's nothing we can do about it. But following her around and giving her all this media attention is giving her exactly what she wants. Americans can be so stupid...give it a few months. She will have full blown reality show and a book deal.

Chris Brown vs. Rhianna
Rhianna will be ok. I always said Chris Brown looked like the kid who ate paste in kindergarten. Let it go America. Do I feel bad for the girl? Yes. Did she deserve the mollywhopping that she got? I would say no. Does she really want pictures of her bruised face all over the tabloids? You wouldn't either. Leave the girl alone. There are other battered women out there who are in a much worse position than her. Let's focus our efforts on helping them too.

Michael Vick.
Are people still talking about this? Really? If people were more concerned with handling their finances instead of tarring and feathering Michael Vick, we would all have less problems. I can honestly say that people hate Michael Vick more than they hate Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony combined. All this hate over some dogs. He's paying for what he did, and he wasn't alone in his activities. His life is pretty much ruined...but yet no one is satisfied. Dog fighting didn't start and isn't going to end with him. Get over it.

I know I'm going to ruffle a few feathers with this post, but shit. My feathers are ruffled too.

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My Spot said...

The sad reality with Rihanna and Michael Vick is that they are celebrities and they always get it the worse.
Rihanna is being scrutinized b/c young girls look up to her and to be honest, if I had a young daughter, I would probably take this a little more seriously.
The thing about being a celebrity is that your freedom is gone and everything you do is for your fans, b/c they keep you living large.
Celebrities are looked at as larger than life and when you see a celebrity who can't get out of a violent relationship, it sends out the wrong message. There was an article that many young girls agreed that CB should have hit her and many believed that she must have done/said something to get this reaction from him. It's never ok for a man to hit a woman... Unless it's life or death. I know I've said if I were a man I'd hit a woman, but we all know that's just me talking shit...
Mike Vick on the other hand, this sick bastard was glorified when he first got picked to play for the Falcons and everyone loved this boy. He was going to be the next best thing in football.
The sad reality with him is that anyone who does what he did is not sane. Having a dog and being a dog lover, it's even worse. But when you think about it, he didn't kill a dog who tried to attack him; he just killed the dogs and buried them. That sounds like some serial killer type shit. The fact that it didn't bother him and that he was able to just live his life, is what’s sick. Killing anything other than like insects is traumatizing. Remember when Caro and I ran over the duck? Lol. She couldn’t even think straight.
When you think of a sociopath, that’s exactly how they are. Then you have PETA who will take over the world and they are extreme and annoying, so you know they are not going to let him live it down.
Octo-Mom is just entertaining I guess…
It is annoying, but that’s the beauty of living in the US. This is what news is to us. Eventually all of this will die off, except for Vick, he made the worse enemies (PETA).