Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meet Penny.

I'm sitting in my digital art class, and I'm being a bad girl.
Blogging! It's only the second week of classes (sigh).
But I wanted to share someone with you..Penny.
She's 7. She likes candy and puppies, and hates boys (good girl).
I'm her creator and I'm animating her today, watch out.
She just might come to life and beat you up.
That's my girl.


The name is Ramonita Rivera said...

LMAO, why are you taking that class? I wanted to take one and my boss told me I can find one for free but of course he never told me bc he knows that if I love it sooooo much, I may just up and leave with a new career, lol.

Crystal said...

It's one of my professional electives...photoshop and dreamweaver are good ways to enhance job opportunities.
You should have taken it with me.

Sneaker Junkies said...

just coming by to show you luv....thats u...

Sydney said...

OMG You had better not love Penny more tha Skeeter and SydneysFirstBlackBaby!!!