Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At least I know I am not the only one

this is officially the best blog out there.
for once i feel like i am not so crazy.
let's talk about all the neurotic stuff I do.

1. My school has recently been renovated and suddenly all of these purell hand sanitizer dispensers keep popping up. These make me terribly uncomfortable and I refuse to touch them because I have convinced myself that all the nasties who are too lazy to was their hands after sneezing/coughing/blowing theirnoses/using the facilities have touched them.

2. This one's really weird, and I actually am kind of embarassed to admit this. Sometimes I get the urge to trip people when they walk by, or throw things at their heads, and I don't know why because that's something that I would never do in real life. After having one of these urges I feel really bad and get very anxious that one day i will act on them.

3. This one is funny. When I was little I used to always sleep with my new stuffed animals and dolls. Pretty normal for a kid right? What's not so normal is that I would have to get up multiple times during the night and grab my other stuffed animals and dolls because I didn't want them to feel left out or get sad/mad that the new toys got to sleep with me. So before you knew it I would have like 20 toys sleeping with me on the bed.

Now that you know that I'm crazy i think you should also know that I also thought that the Gerber baby was me.
I know I'm weird, but if I wasn't what on earth would you have to read about?


foxxxyboxxxy said...

ahahaha i love it!

i get the wanting to randomly trip people.

i get the urge to punch people in the head.... or the urge to throw things at people's cars or start attacking their car with my backpack or umbrella. i would never do it.. i hope.. but i think about it..... a lot. haha

Crystal said...

"attacking people's cars with my backpack or umbrella"


That shit is more than hilarious

That clearly takes the cake for the funniest thing I ever heard

My cheeks hurt from laughing.

Thank you for making my day.

Sydney said...

I used to have kiss all my stuffed animals and dolls before going to sleep... Then I would lose track and have to start over and feel guilty that some may have gotten more kisses... It kept up a LOT!