Monday, December 22, 2008

I have a bad habit of calling kids ugly.

Sure it sounds mean and awful and all of those things. I won't contest that. But it's true.
I call people's kids ugly.
I was actually having a conversation about this yesterday, when my cousin was looking at pictures of someone's kid on myspace. (we will touch on my views on myspace another day)
So low and behold I said the kid was ugly and my cousin nearly fell off the bed. Don't ask me why, as this is something that I do quite often. As a side note, I don't know why but I just have a problem with people plastering pictures of their kids all over myspace. It just seems wrong. I understand most people love their kids, and that's fine, but seriously do we really need to see your ultrasounds? I know I, personally have zero interest in that. I just have a problem with people who post pictures of their backsides and cleavage alongside pictures of their kids. So sorry.
Anyways, this is my question.
Is it not just as mean to go around calling grown folks ugly? Sad as it sounds I know very few people who have not called someone ugly in their lifetime, but just because I say it about someone who happens to be a little younger that makes me worse than anyone else? Or maybe I should wait until their 18th birthday and then say it. Ok I get it, calling people ugly is a rotten thing to do, but only if they're under a certain age?
Doesn't make sense.
I mean at least a child can get cuter with age, can you say the same for adults who you have called ugly?
Didn't think so.
So yes I do realize that calling people ugly is not nice.
In fact it can be downright mean, and you shouldn't judge a person based on their looks, because beauty fades and you never know what could happen to you one day. Not to mention there are plenty of people who might look nice on the outside, but absolutely suck on the inside. (I'm really being serious here)
So, as my new years resloution I will try to keep the use of the word ugly to a minimum.
(But I'm not gonna stand by that just for kids)


Crystal said...

Clearly someone who reads my blog has a problem with me or the things I say, and that's fine. But just remember this, this is a collection of my thoughts and feelings, and if you don't like it, no one is forcing you to read. Simple as that.
By making personal attacks and snide comments to insult me you are only showing your own ass, I have never put anyone on blast here, nor do I intend to.
Everyone in their lifetime has called someone ugly in the past, GET OVER IT, and stop trying to act like you are some concerned citizen.

Anonymous said...

I guess your feeling offended because someone called you ugly. Boo....hoo, like you said deal with it. Don't be mad at something that you said yourself, everyone has called someone else ugly, but it doesn't feel nice when it's being said to you, does it? Because you seem to live in this little world where you think your the hot shit. Reality check, your super skinny to the point where it's disgusting and on top of that your eyes bulge out of your face(yeah, that's super attractive, NOT. I'm sure you have made many babies cry just by looking their way) I guess we are both showing our asses here and obviously what I said really bothered you because you even dedicated a little session to me on your blog, Thank you for that, it makes me feel really special (ha....ha....lmao) It's just funny how people like you talk so much shit about what you don't like about others (like your so perfect) but it must be really imporant that your sitting here in your blog writing and talking about everything that these people do and that you claim to not like. You need a mirror and a hobby, so that you're not spending so much time dogging other people, which clearly exlpains that you must not have a life. Unlike you, I do. So although I know this is probably the most fun you have had in a while don't expect to hear from me anymore, I just felt like voicing my opinion and "expressing the collection of my thoughts and feelings" this one time. You always run into an idiotic person online.

Crystal said... sound like you are in need of some affection and love.
Unsatisfactory home life perhaps? Low self esteem? So sorry that we won't be hearing from you anymore.
Well guess what? I've given you a last dose of the attention u crave.
Farewell. ;)