Friday, December 19, 2008

I hate living in North Providence

So I'm going about my business as usual when I heard someone banging on the door, nearly scaring the be-jesus out of me.
So I look outside and see a cop car outside of my house, as I'm thinking to myself what in the hell?!
I go to the door and for once in all my years see a sexy ass cop standing there, and anyone who knows me knows that I find guys in uniform revolting.
"Is that your car?"
"um...yes.." I say (I know I have a few unpaid parking tickets, but damn I didnt know those required house calls)
"well would you mind moving it? There's a parking ban in effect"
"you scared the shit out of me" I said.
The sexy cop smirks and goes back to his car and I move mine as I'm secretly cursing him out for nearly banging down my damn door, bastard.
He should have at least been a stripper or something.

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foxxxyboxxxy said...

HAHAHAHA! this made my day