Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I am so flattered right now

I would love to thank Anonymous to take the time out of their important, good samaritan life to read my blog from start to finish. It's really flattering to know that someone has so much interest in what I have to say. Especially someone of such high moral character. Since Anonymous is such an avid reader of my blog, and can describe my appearance down to a T, I feel the need to shine some light and give them the attention he or she so craves.

This is what Anonymous had to say about yours truly, I was pleasantly greeted by this in my inbox today:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post 'I have a bad habit of calling kids ugly':

I guess your feeling offended because someone called you ugly. Boo....hoo, like you said deal with it. Don't be mad at something that you said yourself, everyone has called someone else ugly, but it doesn't feel nice when it's being said to you, does it? Because you seem to live in this little world where you think your the hot shit. Reality check, your super skinny to the point where it's disgusting and on top of that your eyes bulge out of your face(yeah, that's super attractive, NOT. I'm sure you have made many babies cry just by looking their way) I guess we are both showing our asses here and obviously what I said really bothered you because you even dedicated a little session to me on your blog, Thank you for that, it makes me feel really special (ha....ha....lmao) It's just funny how people like you talk so much shit about what you don't like about others (like your so perfect) but it must be really imporant that your sitting here in your blog writing and talking about everything that these people do and that you claim to not like. You need a mirror and a hobby, so that you're not spending so much time dogging other people, which clearly exlpains that you must not have a life. Unlike you, I do. So although I know this is probably the most fun you have had in a while don't expect to hear from me anymore, I just felt like voicing my opinion and 'expressing the collection of my thoughts and feelings' this one time. You always run into an idiotic person online. "

Anonymous clearly has a high level of disdain for me, and chooses not to reveal their identity which is fine. However, one would figure that someone who has so much to say would at least make the attempt to make themselves known. My physical appearance and and obnoxious writing style repulses Anonymous so much that they have read most of my blog entries (blog tracker, thank you) and stopped to look at all of the pictures that I have posted. Not only that.....but Anonymous also takes time out of their busy schedule of course to write multi-paragraph hateful comments about me on three occasions. He or she wasn't happy with their first comment that they left for approval, so they spruced it up and added a few nasty insulting remarks, and submitted the second, and then the third. Mind you this is someone who has no extra time on their hands whatsoever, and absolutely no interest in what I have to say.

You're right Anonymous, situations like this do amuse me. Its funny how one can have so much contempt for a person that they read their blog and attack their character without making themselves known. And just a question, who are all of these people that I sit around dogging in my blog? Last time I checked, I write about people whose work I admire and those close to me such as family and friends. At first I thought that you were someone I knew that was voicing their hatred for me behind an anonymous identity, but I honestly don't think I know anyone that pitiful. Clearly you are just a pathetic loser who has nothing better to do, and uses the spare time of your tired and uneventful life to insult and attempt to belittle others. In the meantime you cower behind an anonymous identity. From the way you write I can tell that you have a good vocabulary and are quite capable of expressing yourself, maybe you should make good use of that skill and your time, instead of brewing up anonymous hate mail.

So here's to you Anonymous! Thank you for your hypocritical lesson in the golden rule, and your obvious interest in my life and my blog. Your public display of stupidity and cowardice is amusing and sad at the same time. You are obviously an undesirable cretin who has low feelings of self worth, as you should. As for me, I am going to continue to enjoy my life and write about whatever the fuck I want to, while you continue to wallow in your own misery. Remember that I am not the one concealing my identity here. Maybe one day you will be able to express yourself in person, because I know that you are not just some random person who stumbled across my blog. Thanks for tuning in. Now I'm the one showing my ass, and it never felt so good. Back to my perfect little life of being "the hot shit".

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